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Graphic Artist

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I have always considered myself an artist. I dabble in everything creative. From cooking to crochet, to web design, to costume making – If it's creative I most likely do a little bit of it!

I grew up in Seattle, WA. Originally from Los Angeles, California, I currently reside in London, UK. Big change, but a great one, where I get to meet like-minded professionals in an allotment of creative industries.


My projects and clients completely vary - I have created websites for meal prep companies and clothing shops, t-shirts for record labels & University Greek life, packaging for cosmetic surgery products, flyers and web design for cabaret events - the list drones on and on! I like bright colours, pastel colours, as well as the classic black and white monotone. My style varies with each project in order to create the perfect end product for my clients. If you think I am the right fit for you, I am! Let's get creative together. 

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